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Buxted Pharmacy

Located within the Buxted Medical Centre, Buxted Pharmacy, a multi-award winning pharmacy, provides you and your family a unique healthcare experience!

Our Mission

The family atmosphere within the team of Buxted Pharmacy ensures that we all take great pride in providing a quality, accurate and timely service to all of our patients, building trust and a rapport with our community. We continue to work hard to build a strong, reliable and valued relationship within the community where confidence and compassion are at the heart of what we do.Our unique learning environment and continued development means we are constantly discovering new ways to help both our patients and support each other as a continually developing team.

How can we help you?

Forget to take your medicines?

Do you or a family member have trouble remembering to take your medicines? Or, do you have a blister that is large and bulky and difficult to take with you on your day out? Some people feel that they have too many medicines to take at different times of the day or quite simply, you find your current blister system difficult to use. Contact us today for more information!

Confused about your medication?

Have you recently started a new medication and are not sure how to take it or how it works? Are you experiencing side-effects? Do you feel the need to speak to a qualified healthcare professional about your medication? Simply call or visit us at Buxted Pharmacy, our friendly staff are always happy to help.

Oscar's Wish Foundation (OWF)

OWF a Registered Charity (1169892) offering comfort and support to parents, family, friends and siblings who have experienced the devastating loss of a precious baby before, during or shortly after birth. The Charity launched on 14th February 2015 and was showcased in memory of little baby Oscar Jensen and all babies born too soon.

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